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About the Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Children’s home lies in Migori, Kenya and started with a vision one night in 2002 in Migori, Kenya. The Lord Jesus said to me that I should continue to help children in Kenya though I was soon returning to Sweden. I did not know how. So I asked the Lord!
“It should be called the Good Samaritan – open a bank account and let Peter Ouma be the chairman.”
He also gave me a scipture from James 1:27. I shared this vision with Peter the next morning and we took each others hands in prayer.
We said to God, “if this is your will, so be it!”

I opened the bank account in Migori and later in Sweden. To my astonishment the bank account has never been empty.
Peter and his team started to take abandoned orphans into their homes and they took care of them there and we helped to pay for food and clothes. Their faithfulness and prayers are a key to our growth.
After some years they said, “We cannot handle more children in our homes – we need a house to put all the children in. Let us buy some land”.

Around 2006 we bought our first plot of land after a great gift from a certain lady. We built a simple house of home made bricks and we took care of around 15-20 children.

The work grew and around 2010 we had a website in Sweden which helped a lot to raise money. www.denbarmhartigesamariten.se

Anette and three friends went to visit 2011 for the first time since we had returned to Sweden. We had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to see how happy and healthy the children were with such simple care and a lot of love.
The work grew and grew, simply through Anette’s network of contacts, but it needed structure so we decided to form a charitable (non-profit) organisation in Sweden. Since then it has grown year on year – now caring for around 80 children.
God has been so faithful and we have been able to send out support year after year. Many people have been moved by all the stories of the poor and lonely children we are helping.

We made contact with friends who lead Jakobs memorial foundation (Jakobs minnesfond). They wanted to help poor children in Kenya after the death of their son Jakob.
They have been helping enormously during the years by building three wonderful buildings providing separate accommodation for babies, girls, boys, and extending the dining room so that all can eat together. And they provide monthly support towards the operating costs of the children’s home which is such a great blessing.
They also funded the drilling of a new well, pump and water tank to supply fresh water all year round. The old well would dry out during the summer months, and the women had to carrying water on their heads every day up and down the hill. We take fresh water for granted – but what a wonderful gift. 

Because of these new facilities we could also take care of abandoned babies. We have around 8 babies now. They have often been found abandoned – some have been new borns left by distressed mothers, others have lost their mothers in child birth..
They demand more workers so today we have around 22 workers including cooks, washing ladies, care givers, social workers and guards.
All the ladies employed are widows and in that way we help them to continue to live and help their children through school without the need to re-marry.

We have around 50 children resident in the children’s home at the moment. As soon as they find a relative or a loving home for a child, they leave the home to be fostered or adopted. We work very closely with the social authorities.
We have had the policy that our home should be a place of love, peace, joy and good care for the children with African standard so it is easy for the child to move out of our home to a village setting. We have succeeded with around 350-400 children who have found new homes over the years.
Since 2018 we also have 23 children at a local boarding school thanks to sponsors from the USA. They met the children when they were suppose to leave our home and finish primary school for good and were very sad indeed. Now all these children are able to continue school for a few more years and get a better start in life.

Two of these are girls who did very well indeed in their exams  are able to go to high school now because they got sponsors also. Both are total orphans because their parents died of HIV/AIDS and left them totally alone. Now they have a life and are very happy and grateful for this opportunity to continue to study.

We also want to develop care families in the villages who could be employed to care for several children in their own homes. The children could then grow up in a normal family instead of an orphanage. We have started a little bit by letting the boarding school children go to homes instead of the orphanage during school holidays. This has worked very well.

We have very good and trustworthy co-workers in Kenya. Our chairman Peter Ouma has proved to be very honest and faithful with all the money we have sent. They have a small management board there and the book-keeping and accounting is well managed.

We have a separate management board for the fund raising charity in Gothenburg, Sweden, which raises money to be sent directly to the Good Samaritan Children’s home in Kenya on a monthly basis. Our accountant says we have only 1% in administration fee – and this is bank charges – all other support goes directly to the care of the children. In Sweden we are all joyful volunteers.

Our staff in Kenya are all paid, but many also volunteer much of their time to the work. 
So if you want to help rescue children of all ages, literally saving their lives, or from lives of poverty and misery, please give to the Good Samaritan. Your gift will make a difference to provide food, a home, loving care, education, a hope and a future. 

International payments can be made to:
IBAN: SE44 8000 0826 4406 3035 4991
together with the BIC code: SWEDSESS

For those in Sweden you can Swish your gift to: 1230810457 or Bankgiro 5386-9640

If you have any questions please contact us at denbarmhartigesamariten@gmail.com 

Love in Christ,

Contribute to the work of
The Good Samaritan

IBAN number: SE44 8000 0826 4406 3035 4991

For people in Sweden, Swish: 1230810457 or Bankgiro 5386-9640

If you have any questions please contact us at denbarmhartigesamariten@gmail.com 

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