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The Good Samaritan

Migori, Kenya


The Good Samarithan started 2002 in Migori, Kenya as a thought from the Lord Jesus one night (James 1:27). Peter Ouma and Anette talked about it in the morning and we prayed together.

The vision was to help abandoned and parentless children to survive and get a good life. Peter and some others had needy children in their homes at first. 
The vision grew and we were able to buy land and build our first house around 2006. The kenyan workers made the bricks themselves.

Slowly the work has grown and we have now over 70 children admitted. It is a go-through-home so around 350-400 childen have found new families during the years. We want the children to stay as short time as possible. As soon as any relative or guardian is found the child can leave. We work closly to the social authorities and have social workers in our staff.

Nowdays we are able to take care of new born babies also. We have several babies under one year. They have been found in different places when desperate mothers have abandoned them.

All children who are in school age are going to local schools. We have 23 primary boarding school children at the moment because we have Americans who supply them with all the schoolfees.
Most of our workers are widows, but we have also men in the staff. Every month 6 very needy widows get some food from us also.

96% of our income goes straight to our home. Our Kenyan workers have shown great faithfullness with our funds thanks to our chairman Rev Peter Ouma.

We appreciate every gift to our work so much. You are always welcome to visit the home.

God bless you so much 
Yours in Christ 
Anette Hellekant-Långs, Chairman

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For people in Sweden, Swish: 1230810457 or Bankgiro 5386-9640

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